​Open Gyms will continue through Sunday, December 17 from 5-7 p.m. at the Selinsgrove Area Elementary School.

All Practices will be held in the Intermediate School Gym!

Coaches/Rosters/Practice Times (see below)

Team 1 (Division 2)

Coaches:  Bob Kruskie

Practice Time:  Mondays (5:30--7:00 p.m.)

Players:  K. Shaffer, L. Kruskie, C. Beatty, K. Erb, N. Webster, L. Dent

                K. Kruskie, C. Richardson

Team 2 (Division 2)

Coach:  Ken Estep

Practice Time:  Thursdays (5:30--7:00 p.m.)

Players:  A. Kolak, Z. Easton, E. Walter, D. Burd, M. Maneval, K. Estep,

                J. Erdman, B. Furgison

Team 3 (Division 2)

Coach:  Dave Morrone

Practice Time:  Mondays (5:30--6:30 p.m.)

Players:  E. Longacre, K. Dodge, A. Geipel, B. Manno,

                G. Morrone, I. Auman, G. Heckman, L. Reichenbach

Team 4 (Division 2)

Coaches:  Aimee Snyder

Practice Time:  Tuesdays (5:30--7:00 p.m.)

Players:  K. Weiser, T. Poser, S. Presgraves, M. Benner, K. Batdorf, 

                K. Robinson, E. Morrison, H. Paulhamus

Team 5 (Division 3)

Coaches:  Pat O'Brien and Scott Parker

Practice Time:  Tuesdays (5:30--7:00 p.m.)

​Players:  A. Dreistadt, M. Shoemaker, B. Batdorf, M. O'Brien, D. Parker,                  M. Fertig, A. Parise, G. Landis

Team 6 (Division 3)

Coaches:  Jake Mangels and Pete Barge

Practice Time:  Mondays (6:30--8:00 p.m.)

Players:  T. Barge, A. Mangels, E. Barlett, I. Kadryna, C. Phillips,

                A. Gearhart, C. Shay

Team 7 (Division 3)

Coaches:  Bob Kruskie

Practice Time:  Mondays (7:00--8:30 p.m.)

Players:  M. Burd, S. Kruskie, A. Beddall, E. McGlaughlin, K. Shaffer,

                J. Mather, G. Hackenberg, K. Schroat,

Team 8 (Division 3)

Coaches:  Andy Howell and Derek Straub

Practice Time:  Thursdays (5:30--7:00 p.m.)

​Players:  K. Snyder, M. Teats, A. Bucher, N. Howell, E. Straub, C. Burns,                  K. Estep

If you are looking for information about the Next Level Strong Hoop School Camps at Susquehanna University - please visit NextLevelStrong.com

2017-2018  SEASON

We are planning on having two divisions the upcoming season: 

Division 2: Grade 3-4

Division 3: Grade 5-6

Players will be split based on age, size and ability. 

Let Susquehanna Valley Girls Basketball League help you introduce basketball to your daughters. Our league reinforces sportsmanship and fundamentals. It is open to girls who are students in the Selinsgrove Area School District.  Let's play.

Play Like a Girl!

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